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GLR Shelter Facility

We can accommodate up to 18 greyhounds at one time in our climate controlled, clean and safe environment.  


Our shelter residents receive lots of love, care, feeding, play time, one-on-one time, snacks, and positive reinforcement training from our dedicated volunteers.  


While waiting for their forever homes, the shelter residents begin to acclimate to life off of the racetrack.   

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GLR Shelter Hours


Visits to the shelter are by appointment only.  Please contact us to make arrangements to visit the shelter and receive directions.

Once your shelter visit is confirmed, allow for 1-2 hours to meet your potential new family member and fill out adoption paperwork.  Adoption counselors will assist throughout the visit.

If you would like to bring current pets to visit with your potential new family member, please make arrangements with the shelter in advance so we can discuss your specific needs and introduce our shelter guests safely. All animals will be muzzled as a precaution. We have guest muzzles to borrow if needed.

GLR Shelter Location

We are located in Hanover, VA just north of Richmond, VA.

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