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About Greyt Love Retirement

Greyt Love Retirement is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that provides a foster shelter for retired racing greyhounds, acclimates them to life as a pet, educates about, advocates for and helps place retired racing greyhounds into loving homes

A Brief History


After first falling in love with greyhounds in 2004 and discovering their wonderful disposition as family members, Greyt Love Retirement’s founders (Mark Lane and Charles Bise) went on to adopt 13 retired racers into their home and became  passionate leaders for greyhound adoption across Virginia. Recognizing that having a facility to temporarily foster hounds in a home like environment prior to placement would aid in the adoption process, Mark and Charles purchased property in 2015 located outside Richmond, Virginia and established GLR.


GLR partners with James River Greyhounds, a local adoption group, to place retired racing greyhounds into their forever homes where they are loved members of the family. GLR provides a temporary foster environment for retired racing greyhounds coming off of the track while they await final placement by JRG. This facility will help facilitate transfers, provide opportunities for potential adopters to meet and learn about greyhounds, provide a place for transition and acclimation for greyhounds from track life to home life and provide a place for greyhounds needing a little extra care before adoption. During this time the hounds will be lovingly cared for and acclimated to their post-racing life. Placing these hounds into forever homes is a source of joy and excitement for all, hounds and humans alike!


Greyt Love Retirement is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

Federal ID 47-5441421

Photo Journal of the GLR Shelter

Check out the photos taken while the shelter was being built!  The entire process took about 1 year and most of the work was done by dedicated volunteers! ❤️

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