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Greyt Love Retirement Memory Wall

It all started with the hounds and it is fitting that we dedicate a memory wall in the shelter to those that have come before us to instill the passion to find forever homes for all those that come after.

The Greyt Love Retirement Memory Wall Fundraiser is based upon the logo of Greyt Love Retirement. As you can see above, the foundation of the logo is the three greyhounds and the tree trunk; three sizes of ‘memory leaves’ can be purchased to fulfill the life of the tree.

The three sizes are as follows:

3” – 5 1/2” – 7”

Purchase Memory Leaf

Prices ($3.50 shipping & handling not included):

3”:    $10.00

5 ½”:    $15.00

7”:    $20.00


Purchases can be made via cash, personal check or PayPal/Credit Card. Indicate the shipping address to send the memory leaf.


Once purchased, memorialize your loved one in any way that you wish---stencil, paint, attach an image, draw—whatever you feel best memorializes your furkid.

Once completed, return finished memory leaf to:
       P.O. Box 363
         Hanover, VA 23069 

A polyurethane coat will be applied prior to applying to the memory wall.

If you have any questions, please email

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